Upcoming Youth Strength Programs

Summer is in full swing and we’re nearly through our first round of youth strength training here at Brentwood Barbell! In July, we’ll kick off another great round of training for the kids.

Youth Training Overview

Our Youth Programs are an excellent opportunity for young trainees to learn proper weight room etiquette, have fun, and build confidence! As a bonus, if your kid is an athlete, this type of work offers the best possible protection against injury. While we can’t prevent injuries, we can certainly use our understanding of strength, speed, power, and endurance to mitigate them. Here are a few components of each youth program at Brentwood Barbell.

  • Speed / Agility Warm Up on the Turf – each session the kids practice footwork, agility, and dynamic flexibility exercises.
  • Power Work – we like to do jumps and throws with the kids to improve their speed and force absorption.
  • Strength – each session consists of 1-2 primary barbell lifts. These lifts are used to build strength, confidence, and an understanding of weight room safety.
  • General Physical Exercises – calisthenics and conditioning drills like tire flips and sled drags are used to get the kids into shape!

Upcoming Session Details

Youth Boys Strength Camp (ages 10-15)

Youth Girls Strength Camp (ages 10-15)

High School Strength Camp (ages 15-19)

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