Nutrition Kickstart coming in January!

What is the Nutrition Kickstart?

Our Nutrition Kickstart is a 4-week intensive accountability coaching program that we offer to members of our strength training club. The purpose is to educate each athlete in the following Habits of Health:

  • Energy Balance
  • Protein Intake
  • Recovery (hydration and sleep)
  • Physical Activity
  • Strength Training

The program focuses primary on education and accountability to ultimately increase athlete consistency.

Who is the Nutrition Kickstart For?

The program is designed for anybody wanting to improve their training results. For most, this will mean getting stronger and improving body composition to some degree. The program is set up to be adjusted for specific goals and would benefit any of the following scenarios:

  • Gaining Muscle
  • Losing Fat
  • Improving Energy Levels & Recovery
  • Gaining Strength
  • Preparing for an Upcoming Powerlifting Meet

The bottom line is that if you’re already putting in the work to get to the gym and lift a heavy barbell routinely, why not add a few more tools to your toolbox and level up your results significantly?

This program can be done by athletes that have previous experience with nutrition programs or by complete beginners that are just looking to learn the basics. We help you find the level of engagement that is right for YOUR goals and then we hold you accountable!

What does the Program Include?

  • Weekly Resources and Strategies focusing on the Habits of Health
  • 15 min weekly coaching call to discuss consistency and strategies for upcoming week
  • Pre / Post Composition Assessment
  • Community Support from Coaches and Participants
  • Pre Program Kickoff
  • Post Program Celebration
  • Prizes for our Most Consistent Athletes

How do I Find Out More?

We will be hosting a Pre Program Kickoff on Jan 14th @ 10:30am. Come on out and find out what better results can look like. If you’re already on board and know you want into this intensive, go ahead and click the link below to register.