Women’s Power Team

In a couple of weeks we’re going to be kicking off another round of women’s powerlifting at the gym.

No, we’re not powerlifters but we have a little fun every now and then with our training. Each year, we take a team of ladies to a local meet and watch them set PRs.

This is our 3rd time running this program and it’s a BLAST!

You’re probably thinking “I could never do that”. That’s what each of them say every time we put together the team! To be fair, it can be a little overwhelming and scary the first time you compete. But, we layout the prep work for about 8 weeks. During that time, we focus on getting the girls really strong, learning the commands, discussing equipment, and meet day strategies. The whole experience just elevates your training to the next level.

The team trains every Saturday leading up to the competition and this builds a sense of community, teamwork, and results in a little friendly competition from time to time.

The bigger picture here is: getting uncomfortable and trying new things in order to grow!

It’s not really about winning, though some of our girls do really well. It’s more about being part of something bigger and holding yourself to a task. Bonus points if the task scares you just a little (that’s where the growth happens)!!!

My favorite part is watching the girls do the things they said they “couldn’t do” when they started.

In order to get us all in the right headspace, Hannah PRd her deadlift last week (great timing!). Here she is pulling a smooth 250lbs!

You’re probably thinking “I’m NOT a powerlifter”, it’s cool, I’m not either… but you might be thinking “I’d love to get stronger, be in better shape, and have fun while doing it”.

If that’s you, let’s talk about it: Book a Meeting.

PS… if you’re already training with us @ Brentwood Barbell, be sure to congratulate Hannah when you see her!

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