Why we don’t compete with OTF, Bootcamps, or F39

The world has figured out that high-intensity exercise and eating real food leads to great results. As such, exercise is now BIG business. It’s become a commodity. Many new gym franchises have recently burst onto the scene to cash in on that simple prescription. What’s more, they often charge rates lower than ours, have a fancier space and even have more classes on the schedule.

They have giant marketing budgets, great branding and massive classes with seemingly low overhead. Am I worried? Nope. We aren’t selling a commodity, we’re selling individual coaching prescriptions and personal results.

Training vs. Exercise

OTF, Fit-Body Boot Camp, F45 and Jazzercise all have one thing in common: They are models built on low-paid group leaders, often cheerleaders. They may even choreograph workouts set to music. Workouts are often based on entertainment instead of results and they certainly aren’t put together with an end goal in mind.

They don’t need (or care) to know about your fitness background, what’s going on in your life outside the gym or if the workout they’re doing that day is a good fit for your goals. If they cared, or needed to know, they would spend the time up front getting to know the answers to those questions. But they don’t, because they don’t need to. You’re going to do the same workout everyone else there is going to do. You may get results, you may not.

Our Approach

So how do we do it? First, we sit down with you (without any obligation or cost on your part) to get to know what you’re looking for. We then decide if we can help you, sometimes we can’t and that’s OK. If we’re a good fit for each other, you’ll then go through our comprehensive Foundations Program. Here, we’ll examine:

  • platform technique using the primary barbell exercises
  • body composition
  • aerobic capacity

This takes 4 workouts, each is approximately 1 hour in length and is completed under the watchful eye of a single coach. We will also sit down with you (again) and walk through our nutrition assessment with you. We’ll strategize and set some simple 90 day goals with you.

After you’ve completed your Foundations Program, you’re now ready to begin training. We offer several options because we know folks come to us with unique schedules, personalities, goals, and ideal coaching relationships. We take the time to get this right, so you can enjoy your training and get results.

Finally, we assess. How did the last 90 days go? We’ll talk through it, celebrate your wins, point out some opportunities for growth, and a come up with a new plan. Your goals will change, so should your program.

Yes, it’s slower. Yes, it costs more. You know what?,… it also works better. If group exercise worked better, we’d sell that instead. We could charge less because it’s easier, takes less time, and doesn’t require the knowledge or skillset that personalized nutrition and barbell coaching requires.

Try Something Different

Getting better leads to results and getting better at what matters most really leads to results. This usually means getting stronger in a measurable way, showing up to train 3x per week, being more consistent with protein intake, eating more fruits / vegetables, drinking less alcohol. The “workout” actually has very little to do with how much progress you make. This is an easy distraction from the obvious fact that: YOU’RE NOT MAKING PROGRESS.

We don’t sell hour-long choreographed sweat sessions, we sell results. And results depend on two things: action and knowledge.

Action can be misleading. You can show up to an OTF or bootcamp workout and they’ll get you moving. This is better than nothing and will show some short term results (mostly just soreness TBH) but at least you’ve taken action!

Knowledge, is knowing WHAT matters most along with WHEN it matters most. Some athletes need more work, some need less work. Some need more nutrition work, some need a little encouragement. Some have knowledge gaps, while others lack the ability to take the first step. The real value of a coach is that they will HELP you figure out what is MOST IMPORTANT, NEXT!

Hint, it’s probably not squat jacks.

We’re a Relationship Business, not a Fitness Business

Coming up with an individualized plan, helping you implement that plan and holding you accountable when things get tough all require one thing, trust. When you have a tough day, we’re here to remind you that we care about you and your success. We’re here to tell you when you’ve done a great job and when you can do better.

So, you need to ask yourself: do I need to sweat or do I need a coach?

If you’re primarily concerned with sweating, you’ll find a number of locations that can take care of you. If you’re ready for a coach, we can help. Click the link below to get started WITH a COACH!

Talk Soon!