Client Spotlight: Brendan

About 6 months ago I called Brendan. He’d trained with us before but had been out of the gym. Life and work had gotten busy and he found himself out of shape.

When I first reached out, he was legitimately swamped with work (he had 2 jobs) and couldn’t commit to a training schedule. I kept bugging him though… I knew he really needed (and wanted) to get back to regular training.

Finally, after about 2 months of phone calls and conversation, we agreed he’d get his butt back in the gym.

We started with a simple 3-day training program that had him squatting, benching, pressing, and deadlifting regularly. He got his strength back quickly.

When we sat down to review Brendan’s progress, here is how it looked:

  • 20+ lbs. of total bodyweight lost
  • 18+lbs. of fat mass lost
  • squat +50lbs. during working sets

Following a brief discussion about his success, we talked about areas for further growth / improvement.

Congratulations dude, keep working hard!

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