Athlete of the Month – Debora

This month we had a chance to catch up with Deborah! She has been with Brentwood Barbell since the early days and is always a source of inspiration for our coaches and athletes.

When Did You Start Training at Brentwood Barbell?

I started at the old location around the time I turned 65, so 2016-2017.

How Has Training for Strength Changed Your Life?

I have bad/damaged knees and a bad hip, plus I had two “impinged” shoulders when I started.  My hope was to strengthen my muscles enough to get to enjoy my grand baby and be able to get up from my low Italian furniture.  I have two active little grandsons that I can carry and play with, I no longer have a  limited range of motion in my shoulders, and am stronger than I ever had any idea I could be. I was also worried about my bone density.  The numbers were getting worse, and I really didn’t want to take meds.  My last bone density test showed actual improvement !  My doctor is delighted.

What Would You Say to Others Who Are Considering Starting a Strength Program?

It’s an investment in your health and well-being that impacts all areas of your life, including confidence and emotional support, in addition to the physical benefits.

What are Some PRs (personal records) You’re Proud Of?

My most recent “test” day showed a much stronger bench press (90 lbs.) for me – upper body has always been harder for me and I feel good about this direction.  Rack Pull was 245 lbs. and I am thrilled because it was without straps.  I have been able to strengthen my hand grip enough to lift the weight. 

What are Some Favorite Things to do Outside the Gym?

I am an artist.  My primary mediums have been metalsmithing and painting.  Anything that involves problem solving and making attracts me.  Am an avid sci-fi fan of books, movies, and tv series – even foreign with subtitles,  word game apps, and knitting and mahjong with friends.  I’m pretty eclectic in my taste in music too.

The Athlete of the Month Series

Each month our spotlight series will focus on an athlete that is putting in a great effort and making our gym a better place to train! Our hope is that you’ll share this post with your friends and family or someone that you think could benefit from resistance training and professional coaching.

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