Group Training Done Right

Ever wish you could find a gym that offered a guided, customized approach to exercise? A gym that listened to what you want to accomplish, your previous attempts at success, and put all this together to create a plan for YOU. All while considering your actual resources. Would you like a gym that helped you build sustainable habits that work for YOU and facilitate CHANGE! Yeah, we did too! So, we created one.

Group Training at Brentwood Barbell

Below is our process for every athlete that visits us.

Step 1: The No Sweat Intro

We meet with prospective every member. Our NSI allows us to see if we’re a good fit for each other and how we can best help you! This meeting is very important, we don’t want to waste your time. And, our community is very important to us, so we’re only looking for positive, supportive people that are ready to train!

We call this a No Sweat Intro because there’s no pressure (or sweating) involved. It’s just a casual conversation about what you’re looking for and how we solve problems for clients.

Step 2: The Barbell Intro Program

Our Intro Program is required for all new members. This program includes:

  • Further exploration of your goal (and how we’ll identify success)
  • 4 Private Coaching Sessions
  • Platform Coaching for the Primary Barbell Exercises
  • Strategic Accessory Exercises / Conditioning
  • 30 min nutrition / accountability meeting where we tackle which of the 6 High-Impact strategies are best to start working with.
  • In-Body Composition Assessment

Step 3: Train!

After your Barbell Intro Program has completed, you and your coach will discuss the next 12 weeks of work you have ahead of you. You’ll work with your coach to create a schedule and routine that you can complete each week. Our coaches will be there to guide every rep from every set all the way through. We’ll help you learn when to push forward and when there might be times to back off.

We’ll help you manage conflicts and limitations along the way and you will finish your Intro program stronger than you ever thought possible! We know this is true because we’ve seen it so many times!

Step 4: Goal Review

Around your 12th week of training we’ll sit down and discuss how you did. We’ll celebrate your bright spots, examine any missteps, and come up with a new plan for the next 90 days!

Does our process sound interesting to you? Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not making progress? Are you tired of waiting for “the right time” or trying to figure out how to “make time” to reach your goals? It’s simple, BOOK a CALL and we’ll walk you through the next steps!

Talk soon