2024 Queens of the Arch Meet Recap

Last weekend (April 28th, 2024), we took a team of 4 ladies to the local Queens of the Arch powerlifting meet. The event was a lot of fun for the team and me personally. We had a wide range of lifter experience with this group that ranged from first time competitor all the way to competing for best overall lifter.


This was Chris’ first meet and she knocked it out of the park. She had been battling some knee pain leading up to the event so we kept her training a bit conservative. Thankfully, on meet day she was feeling great.

Chris had an 8/9 day! Here were her best lifts (all were personal PRs)

  • Squat @ 82.5kg
  • Bench Press @ 40kg
  • Deadlift @ 90kg


Andrea quite literally had a perfect day. She went 9/9 with her attempts and set PRs across the board.

  • Squat @ 97.5kg
  • Bench Press @ 62.5kg
  • Deadlift @ 102.5kg

This was an excellent meet for Andrea as she too had been battling some aches and pains leading up to this event. Like a true pro, she showed up and turned in an awesome performance!


Hannah keeps getting stronger! During her prep for this event, we moved her to a sumo style pull and it paid off! Very quickly, she began moving weights that were comparable (and eventually heavier) than her conventional pull.

Hannah also went 8/9 on the day. Here lifts went as follows:

  • Squat @ 110kg
  • Bench Press @ 60kg
  • Deadlift @ 125kg

We can’t wait to see what Hannah does in her next meet!


This was not Megan’s first meet and her numbers showed it. Megan spent the entire meet battling for best overall lifter and it was a great race. Ultimately, she finished 2nd place overall!

Megan had an 8/9 day. Here were here lifts:

  • Squat @ 172.5kg
  • Bench Press @ 90kg
  • Deadlift @ 175kg

What a great day for strength in St Louis! The Brentwood Barbell staff did an amazing job, special thanks to Alex, Jason, and Cat. They were amazing, working with our athletes to help select weights, warm up, and strategize throughout the day. This was an awesome day for me because I got to step back and watch the team work. Man, they were awesome!

Finally, the crew that ran the meet was amazing. It was professional and ran on time! The gym (Freedom Fitness) was also a great location for the event, thanks for hosting!