Squat / Bench Press / Dead Lift Seminar


Would you like to learn how to correctly perform the basic barbell strength lifts? Over the past couple of years barbell strength training has enjoyed a resurgence. And for good reason, it’s simple, effective, and a ton of fun.


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Whether you’re new to the platform or thinking about signing up for your first competition, our gym specializes in teaching people how to safely and correctly perform these valuable movements. All ages and ability levels are welcome to attend this seminar.

Join James Harris (physical therapist and Brentwood Barbell owner) along with coaches Mark Manera and Lori Ventimiglia in this 3-hour seminar. We will specifically cover:

Section 1 – Lecture x 20 minutes

  • Principles of Barbell Technique
  • Variables of Barbell Technique

Section 2 – Platform x 120 minutes

  • Low Bar Squat Technique
  • Competition Bench Press Technique
  • Deadlift Technique

Section 3 – Q & A x 20 minutes

  • We will field questions on technique, working around injuries, programming

Each participant will walk away with a firm understanding of how to safely perform these lifts, over 2 hours of platform coaching, a step-by step guide for performing these lifts, and a detailed seminar manual.

This event is perfect for:

  • Novice weight lifters
  • Those looking to maximize efficiency in the weight room
  • Athletes looking to build off / in-season strength
  • Anyone looking to improve their barbell training technique
  • Coaches looking to expand their strength training toolbox

Don’t wait to sign up, we’re only taking a limited number of spots for this course.


Click here to register for the S/B/D seminar