Nutrition Education Program Coming Soon

Nutrition Education Course

Brentwood Barbell was started a few years ago with a simple idea in mind: provide effective strength programming and coaching. We saw an opportunity in the St. Louis fitness scene to provide better coaching and training programs than what were currently being offered. It’s been a couple of years and that mission hasn’t changed … we still think everyone needs to get stronger. However, our initial vision has grown and expanded to include quality nutrition education. We all know quality nutrition habits are a critical component to a comprehensive health and fitness plan. Most people would agree that you can improve your health and/or performance by keeping a balanced diet, despite all having different ideas of what “balanced” actually means. Like our strength programming, we’re hoping to (1) focus on the strategies that matter most, and (2) help you auto-regulate your overall program to best suit your needs.

It can be hard to change your eating habits but it helps if you focus on small modifications.   This will ensure you are making a lifestyle change, not “dieting.”  Rather than trying to lose 50 lbs, we’d prefer you focus on the habits most commonly present in people that have lost 50 lbs. It’s a simple language manipulation but an important one. You won’t be promised “results” in 30 days, however, if you take responsibility and the steps necessary for your health, you will feel better, your body composition will change, and you your training will improve.

We are currently working on the group nutrition education course. Our goal with this course will be to expose the participants to “useful strategies” aimed primarily at maximizing training outcomes. Brentwood Barbell is first and foremost a strength gym, however we understand that losing weight and changing your body composition is appropriate in so many ways. The program will run for a specific time period, and the coaches will provide support along the way in class and via the Brentwood barbell Facebook page.

What the Program Can Do

  • Facilitate heavy barbell strength training
  • Help with recovery
  • Build a sustainable way of eating
  • Teach you how to eat for your goals

What the Program Cannot Do

  • Reset your metabolism (sorry … no such thing)
  • Guarantee you’ll fit into your “skinny jeans” … up to you, and is “skinny” your goal?
  • Result in a “new you in just 5 weeks” … sorry, progress takes time
  • Wow you with buzz words … this is actually out of respect for your intelligence
  • Pass moral judgment on what foods are “bad” or “good” … that’s up to you
  • Offer you “special fat-loss supplements” at a discounted rate … again, more bullshit
  • Recommend medical advice or treat nutrition-related dysfunction

Some athletes will utilize many strategies, some will use few … that’s the point of auto-regulation. You’re going to pick strategies that are workable into your life. I’ve long held the belief that doing fewer things well will always trump doing many things poorly. In the words of Ron Swanson … “never half-ass anything … always whole-ass it”. If you’re interested in what this course will have to offer, drop us a line and let us know. The first group nutrition education course will be starting soon!