Circuit Training Class

We’re adding a new class at Brentwood Barbell. While our Group Strength Training classes run more like a training hall, our new circuit class will follow a traditional circuit style of programming.


Each class will consist of a handful of stations. Athletes will complete specified reps of a given exercise in the allotted time before moving on to the next station. If you guessed that the rest periods will likely be shorter than you’d like, you’re correct. We’re after a “conditioning” or work capacity effect in this class.

This class will blend strength and HIIT (high intensity interval training) in a powerful, short training session.

(expect a lot of sled work)

Exercises Selection

Unlike our standard Group Strength Sessions, we will use about everything other than barbells. Expect to see a hefty dose of:

  • sled work (dragging, pushing, pulling)
  • weighted carries (kegs, yoke walks, farmer walks, duck walks)
  • tire flips
  • jumps (box jump variations, jump rope)
  • DB complexes (snatches, cleans, thrusters)
  • hammer strikes
  • belt squat torture (walks, weighted holds, etc.)
  • stone / med ball work (atlas stone loads, etc.)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone that wants a quick conditioning workout. All fitness levels are more than welcome. We teach all our athletes how to use RPE (rating of perceived exertion), meaning every single exercise and protocol can be scaled up / down to meet the needs of the athlete.

Every session will be instructed by a coach. We will teach you how to perform the exercises and help each athlete get set up with the weights that are appropriate for them.

(atlas stones are a great way to improve your strength AND conditioning)

Why Circuit Training

A quick circuit training session at the end of the week is a great way to compliment your “heavy” barbell training. This combination will provide a potent combination of muscle building, fat burning, and work capacity. In other words, you’ll put all that strength work to good use in this class.

Here are some schedule ideas:

  • training 3 days x week (Strength on T/Th, Circuit on Sat)
  • training 4 days x week (Strength on M/W/F, Circuit on Sat)
  • Training 5 days x week (Strength on M/T/Th/F, Circuit on Sat)

The extra rest on Sunday should all for productive training on Monday morning!

Circuit Training Schedule

We will be starting with circuit class on Sat mornings only (9:45-10:45 am). Our plan is to add classes as demand requires. You can sign up on the website (please do so in advance).

Circuit class will begin Sat, March 13th! You can sign up here!

Let’s get after it!

James Harris, MPT

Owner, Physical Therapist