Athlete Spotlight: Elliot Capella

This month we had a chance to catch up with one of our online clients: Elliot Capella. We’ve been working with Elliot for about a year and the results have been terrific. Check out his story!

When did you start training at Brentwood Barbell?

Feb 21st, 2019 … about 11 months ago.

How has training to be stronger changed your life?

I’m a trans man, and was about three months into my transition when I started training at Brentwood Barbell. At that time, I was pretty small and feminine looking, and I was pretty intent on getting big and strong, and looking as masculine as possible as quickly as possible. Thirty pounds on my frame and more than 285 pounds on my total so far, I’d say I’ve made some serious progress and I’m really pleased!

What would you say to others considering beginning a strength program?

Consistency is king. When I started, I was really impatient to see results immediately. I wanted to be so much stronger and bigger yesterday. But I just put my head down and did my time 3-5 days per week. So be patient, do your time, and the results will come.

What are some recent PRs (personal records) you’re proud of?

I just pulled 375 pounds which is 130 pounds more than I was pulling this time last year, so I’m pretty stoked on that. To be honest, I’m really excited about my progress in all my lifts. Remembering struggling with weights I now rep to warm up for the actual working set is such an empowering feeling and high … it’s the best.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not training?

I’m a full stack developer who specializes in Cloud, DevOps, and Security by trade, so I do a lot of side projects/continuing education in that field. I’m also really into music, and to to as many concerts/raves/festivals as I can. Otherwise you can usually find me at my brother’s on the beach (I live in Virginia), or a craft brewery with friends.

Our Spotlight Series

Each month our spotlight series will focus on an athlete that is putting in a great effort and making our gym a better place to train! Our hope is that you’ll share this post with your friends and family or someone that you think could benefit from resistance training and professional coaching.

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