Coaching Resumes at Brentwood Barbell

Classes start Monday June 15th @ 5:30 am!

Following instructions from our state and local government officials, Brentwood Barbell officially shut its doors on March 23, 2020. While every small business has been feeling the pains of not being able to operate as they want to, we had just opened our new location before the news was handed down so it seem especially harsh.

Training without Barbells

Over the past 3 months we have been working with our clients online. We have tried (as best we can) to keep people moving and exercising. About 6 months prior to the shut down, we had invested in a training app that allowed us to store workouts, progress notes, training goals, and schedules online so we were poised to handle the situation. But, while it’s completely true that training without barbells is perfectly fine (and can be effective), nothing quite compares to squatting, pressing, and deadlifting barbells!

Trying to turn planks into squats 🙂

Keeping it Clean

Our gym has always been a well-ran, clean facility. I know this because I’ve taken tremendous care to make it that way. Every system, every procedure is written down and can be found in my office. We do this to maintain consistency of care and service across multiple staff members. This consistency is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish as you move from having a job to having a business but it must be done if growth is to occur. Suffice it to say, we are prepared for this initial stage of re-opening to the public due to our experience with similar (albeit less invasive) daily systems and procedures. Here are a few ways we’ll be doing our part to keep our members safe:

  • Class size limited to 8 athletes
  • 1 athlete per 8′ x 8′ platform
  • Platforms 6′ apart
  • Each platform outfitted with barbell, plates, collars
  • Each platform outfitted with cleaning solution
  • Each athlete screened (via questions) upon entering
  • Each athlete will be asked to wash their hands upon entering
  • Equipment will be cleaned between sessions

There are more but that gives you an idea of our efforts. While no gym can guarantee a risk-free environment, these little actions will (hopefully) help folks feel better about getting back under the bar.

Coaching 2.0

The Original Log Book

I have written previously on the value of keeping a training log. You can read about it here. That being said, we’ve gone ahead and completely improved our coaching process. Each athlete in our gym will have access to our training app. Upon opening their app, the athlete will find their:

  • Customized Program
  • Training Schedule
  • Calendar (expected training sessions)
  • Program Summary / Notes
  • Previous Training Sessions / Strength Values

Our aim will be to provide each athlete with (at least) weekly recommendations regarding their training plan. Should we add weight, should we change course, how did that last set look? These are all questions that we can now easily answer. The athlete need only (1) train at our gym or (2) video their work sets for coach review. These capabilities allow us to seamlessly work with athletes on the platform or in their basement.

To take this one step further, the coaches have been working to improve our programming systems. They’re becoming even more customized and unique to the individual. At our gym, customized training is paramount as we all make progress at different rates, tolerate different workloads, and recover uniquely.

Class Schedule Filling Up

Our MWF 4:30 pm classes are already full and the early morning slots aren’t far behind. We still have some spots available but don’t wait too long or you’ll be out of luck. Later, once our restrictions loosen, we’ll add back our conditioning and nutrition clubs to round out our core services. Each athlete at our gym will have access to:

  • Expert barbell instruction/coaching
  • Expert strength programming
  • Nutrition club (monthly strategy session) access
  • Conditioning club (strongman circuit training) access
  • Pre-cooked meals at discounted rates

We believe our work with each athlete is important as is their time and money spent doing the work.That’s why we focus on the things that have the greatest return on investment.

Taking the Next Step

Perhaps you’ve increased your physical activity during this quarantine and are looking to take the NEXT step? Or, maybe you fell off and aren’t feeling your best? Whatever the case, our gym is full of athletes ranging from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran. We’re all working toward a common goal: to be better! If you’re looking a new gym give us a look. Our community is growing and we’ve helped a lot of people just like you get stronger, feel better, reduce pain, and lose some unwanted body fat. We can help you too! We’ll start by listening to your story. From there, we’ll provide you with a training prescription even if you don’t become a client. Why? Because our gym mission is to educate our community on the importance of basic strength training!

Stay Strong Everyone!

James Harris, MPT

Owner, Physical Therapist