The (real) Path to Success

The (real) Path to Success

Deciding to improve your health, fitness, nutrition, or even business game is a fantastic idea.

There is nothing more exciting as a coach than getting to help a new client START their journey to better health.

We do a lot of talking, planning, and goal setting.

We talk about BIG goals and LITTLE goals. We break things down into manageable tasks. We work, then we analyze how we did.

If we win, we celebrate. If we struggle, we learn.

What we Think vs Reality

Most people think the path to success looks like the picture above. In fact, the (real) path to success looks a lot more like the picture below.

Why is this important?

Because a good many people make the decision to START exercising and eating better when they’re at their worst or have hit bottom. Often, it’s an emotional time. As such, they use that emotion to fuel their efforts. This is a good thing. But what about when the emotional energy burns down?

You’ll be faced with reality. You’ll have to weather a down phase or backtracking of sorts. You’ll have to endure the hardship of nearly going to back to the start.

What does this look like? Maybe you made it to the gym 3x per week for 3 months. Went on vacation for 1 week and that turned into a 6 month hiatus.

Maybe you lost 12 lbs. in 2 months only to gain 10lbs. back.

This stuff happens but it’s important to remember, each time you face a challenge, you’re doing it with a greater skillset. Your previous run wasn’t “for nothing”, it was designed to give you the ability to step further than you previously had.

Success is not for the timid, you have to earn it. It will be harder than you think. It will take longer than you think and you’ll need to build some calluses along the way.

Celebrate your wins along the way, no matter how small.

Keep Going!

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